VALORANT First Strike: Europe Is Set To Kick Off In November

Since VALORANT was announced for the first time, many players were waiting for this moment. Ignition Series was a great show during Summer season, but nothing is as exciting as an official regional or global tournament to crown a grand champion. Riot Games is also fully aware of this fact, and now we are about to have what we craved for months.

In November 2020, there will be two qualifier weeks with four separate qualifier tournaments. In each week, two qualifiers will take place and top 16 teams from each qualifier will then clash in a play-in stage. Among these 32 teams, top 8 teams will advance to playoffs from this play-in stage, just to leave top 4 teams to qualify for main event which will consist of Quarterfinals, Semifinals and Grand Final. This stage will take place between 9th and 22nd of November. Teams will be able to participate in more than one qualifier.

Finals are straightforward as expected. 3rd-4th of December will be the Quarterfinals, 5th of December will have Semifinals and finally 6th of December will be the date we crown the VALORANT champion of Europe.

Open Qualifiers and Play-ins will be played in Bo1. Playoffs, Quarterfinals and Semifinals will be played in Bo3, and Grand Final will be an adrenaline-fueled Bo5 for all VALORANT fans to enjoy tons of action.

Further information about application, qualification, rules and livestreaming will be revealed in upcoming days.



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Can “otoyoldireği” Özel

Can “otoyoldireği” Özel

’89 model born-gamer, has a soft spot for good old fast-paced arcade taste. If has to make a choice between sword and fireball, draws out a rocket launcher.