PUBG Patch 9.2 Brings Huge Surprises

Source: PUBG Corp.

PUBG is truly a rock-solid game on Battle Royale genre, this does not change just because it is a bit far from its days of glory nowadays. With constant development ongoing, every patch is a new thrill for its fans.

PCS #3 Grand Final matches and the new upcoming mode Hardcore BR are already quite exciting, and now we are even getting a lot more with next patch, 9.2, on test servers.

Here is a summary of major additions below.

First of all, we are getting a whole new vehicle, Dirt Bike, that comes along with a bunch of related mechanics additions. What makes it unique is its independent clutch system. Players will be able to control the clutch as they wish in order to exert further control on the vehicle, especially on difficult terrain. Its suspension is also improved for offroad driving. Currently this vehicle is going to be spawning in all maps except Karakin and will replace half of all bikes. Top speed is announced as 130 km/h, and acceleration will be quite high as it is a very light vehicle.

Speaking about mechanics, now we have the new feature called Driver Shooting! This was a feature requested by many players and finally we are seeing it happening before 2020 ends. Driver of a vehicle will be able to fire sidearms while driving without sacrificing the control of vehicle. Only downside will be during reloading as steering performance will be slightly reduced during the reload process. This feature will be active in all vehicles except boats and BRDM. With these changes, vehicle aiming is also getting an overhaul to allow more stable and easier drive-by action. Camera views are stabilized, distance is now closer to provide easier and accurate aiming, aiming angles are affected by the surroundings of player and camera will not be flipping around if vehicles roll.

Source: PUBG Corp.

Developers are also catching this opportunity to show some love to sidearms, which has been a neglected part of the game for a good while. All sidearms are receiving buffs and improvements on most aspects, including damage, accuracy and stability during movement.

Rest of the updates list include matchmaking changes, new Battle Bride Pass, UI and UX improvements like Team Finder and Lobby Chat System, some quality of life improvements scattered around, new skins and items, and lastly some bug fixes. For the fully detailed list of changes, you can visit the official announcement of PUBG.



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