PUBG Patch 8.3 Goes Live With Nice Additions To The Game

PUBG continues to develop itself on all fronts, taking turns on the classic version and Mobile one with solid patches. This time we are seeing the good old classic PUBG is seeing some nice additions to its taste.

This patch 8.3 is the final update of season 8 as the company announces, and we are actually seeing quite a pack of nice changes for an end-season update.

First of all, we are seeing a hugely tactical addition of Jammer Pack. These machines will be strapped on the back for use and they will mitigate blue zone electrocution until their batteries run out. This provides both very valuable seconds to return to the playzone, or having a tactical advantage of staying in the blue zone safely especially when the circle closes almost completely. Be warned though, as this pack has the capacity of level 2 bag! Jammer Pack will be dropping in Sanhok and Karakin with this update, and only in non-ranked game modes for now. You may find the Jammer Pack as a rare world loot or you can try your luck on the Loot Truck.

Next up in the line, we are seeing a fresh breath of Erangel’s seaside. There will be a new way of transportation over sea, called Ferries. These ferries will have fixed routes and periods to carry players between their patrol routes. They will be possible to sink with firepower. Ferries will be waiting for 20 seconds at every dock, and will push their horns full sound to let people know they have 7 seconds to board the ship if they want to enjoy a nice journey on the cool waters of Erangel. This way, bridges will see a bit less focus and you will have a slightly guaranteed way if you can not find a small boat or if you are too far to swim to a certain place on the map. There will be a total of 4 ferries on the map. They are also not available in Ranked Mode or Esports mode in Custom Matches.

Last but not least, there will be a few smaller additions to our list. First of them is the UI Assist Indicators which will let you know if your teammates enter combat. Next one is the new training stage that will allow you to warm-up during matchmaking period, so you will not be waiting for too long without a thing to do. M416 sound is also seeing slight adjustments with this patch. And of course, we have new skins coming over.

Until next season, it appears to be that this is all we have. Hopefully these new additions of Jammer Packs and Ferries will be making their way to also ranked and esports modes so we can see some fresh taste in the upcoming PCS.



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