PUBG MOBILE’s Revenues Are Soaring Up Even Higher

Source: Tencent

While its big brother on PC platform struggles for the biggest slice of Battle Royale cake among many tough contenders, PUBG MOBILE is rocking the mobile counterparts’ scene. Especially seeing a strong rise during COVID-19 lockdown period, even the late issues in India was not enough to stop it from hitting some stunning targets.

According to a report by Sensor Tower, PUBG MOBILE has managed to hit a total of $3.5 billion lifetime revenue. What is even more surprising is, $500M of this entire revenue came only in last 72 days. A small note here is essential though, as this total amount of $3.5 billion includes both the game’s global revenues and the revenues from its Chinese localization called Game For Peace. Still, China holds the highest in-game spending amount of $1.9 billion, meaning 53 percent of total revenue. Runner-up in the list is United States of America, holding 13.6 percent of total revenue.

The game is downloaded over 770 million times so far. During the lifetime of two years, India is ironically holding the majority of these downloads with a share of 185.5 million. Considering the late incidents that caused the game to be banned in India, we come to understand the reason why PUBG Corp. is making a serious effort to come into good terms with Indian government for the future of PUBG MOBILE.



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