PUBG Continental Series #3 Group Stages Are Witnessing Wild Competition

PUBG Continental Series #3 is running full throttle with intense action among best teams of both regions, Europe and North America. 3 of 6 days in Europe, and 6 of 9 days in North America are completed today.

Scoreboard of North America is slowly getting wider in points as Shoot To Kill continues its rampage with 234 points while PCS #2 NA champions Soniqs follow them “relatively” closely at 203 points, the two teams being only ones to surpass the 200 points threshold. Erangel points of all teams are still quite close after sixth day, but Miramar points are seeing much more difference among teams. An interesting statistic here is, all top 8 teams on the standings received more than half of their points in Miramar matches while remaining 16 teams received them from Erangel except Illusion and The Rumblers. This shows us how impactful Miramar matches are about determining the outcome of this group stage.

On the other hand, European standings are a lot more exciting on top ranks. FaZe Clan is rocking the house as always, but this time Northern Lights are not letting it go that easy. They are both on 104 points, but FaZe Clan is in the leading position as their kill points are higher. Following them, we are seeing Omaken Sports, TSM and shiftW with 96–95–95 points respectively. As the group stage of European contenders is halfway, there is also a similar picture drawn in the ranks between 6 and 12. There are only 13 points between 6th rank, Natus Vincere (86 points) and 12th rank, Bystanders (73 points). Another similar situation also appears between ranks 13 and 19, as another 13 points difference takes place. PinkPony is standing on 13th place with 66 points while Istanbul Wildcats is trying to keep up with middle ranks at 53 points.

One last interesting statistics comes from the European players though. Hueth, playing for ETiGET is standing tall in the first place for both kill count (23) and knock count (25) while his team is at 11th place. Impressive individual performance there.

With these exciting matches behind, we are coming close to the end of Group Stage for both Europe and North America. Last three days of both regions will be taking place between 16th and 18th of October. After this stage, we will be heading for Finals Stage to see top 16 teams from both regions going all guns blazing. $200,000 prize pool is surely appealing for everyone competing there.



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Can “otoyoldireği” Özel

Can “otoyoldireği” Özel

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