PCS #3 EU & NA Grand Final Stage Week 2 Matches Are Completed

Can “otoyoldireği” Özel
2 min readNov 17, 2020
Source: PUBG Corp.

We are closing in to the end of year with many intense competitive events all around the esports scene, and PUBG Continental Series is at its best with the exciting Battle Royale dose we all crave.

In PCS #3, we are watching best 16 teams of European and North American stage each. This means that every match is a whole new story with untold possibilities to affect the results of this huge competition for $200,000 prize pool. While NA region is clearly dominated by last champion Soniqs loud and clear, Europe is witnessing a crazy competition every single match.

First week of EU matches were completed with Tornado Energy on the lead while Northern Lights and Digital Athletics were on a close pursuit for the leadership. Second week went through literally a scrambling of rankings throughout the 8-match run, and in the end we finally see a Turkish team, Digital Athletics, on the lead with 10 points of difference. Especially the second match of second day was a true celebration for Turkish fans as last two teams standing were Digital Athletics and the other Turkish team in the series, ETiGET Esports. ETiGET also showed a truly impressive performance in the second week, managing to jump to 12th place from the 16th.

Tornado Energy and Northern Lights are now on a close pursuit with 131 points both. Behind them, Team Liquid is coming up pretty strong with 125 points, definitely maintaining their position for a very possible attempt on gaining the lead position in the last week. Rest of the teams are battling for the remaining four spots to get a slice from the prize pool in the end, unless one of them decides to go on a rampage and stir up the leaderboards.

North American rankings are not as close as European rankings, though last week’s runner-up Team Veritas lost its pace very quickly and fell back to 9th place. Instead we are seeing Guadalajara Gascans with an impressive 160 points, chasing Soniqs with 25 points of difference. Third team Oath is proving stable with a smooth progress, standing solid like a gatekeeper for the top 3. Like a tradition already, the determining factor of top spots remains to be the points difference in Miramar map.

Last matches of North America and Europe will be played on 19th–20th and 21st-22nd of November respectively. These final weeks will be absolutely crazy, especially with the head-to-head positions of European teams. Make sure to tune into twitch.tv/pubg and watch the action live.



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