Indian Government Confirms That PUBG Mobile Will Remain Banned

Source: PUBG Corp.

In previous weeks, we have been witnessing a tight struggle between PUBG Mobile and Indian government. Long story short, Indian government had banned over 100 apps including PUBG Mobile due to national security concerns that involved user data gathering, storage and transmission with unknown motives by the Chinese companies via these banned apps.

After this ban wave, PUBG Corp. made a swift move in order to relieve the tension between themselves and Indian government by taking back the publishing rights and authorization from Tencent. As PUBG Corp. is a Korean studio, it was expected to ease the conflict.

Unfortunately this has not been the case for now as a senior government official in India confirmed that the ban on PUBG Mobile will not be lifted anytime soon. But this time the reason was quite different than the previously announced one. It was the “violent nature of the game”. Mentioning that the violent nature of PUBG Mobile caused many complaints from a lot of people, this matter is “beyond the change of publishing or ownership rights”.

On the other hand, PUBG Corp. is still in talks with various entities for lifting the ban but currently there is not a sign of progress yet. This also caused that Indian PUBG Mobile teams will not be making it to global esports circuit for the current season. A lot of teams, players, fans made serious investments in the game for future and all of them are now facing a very unfortunate loss. With esports and mobile gaming becoming even bigger elements in the global industries, India may be taking a step too long to keep things in a well-balanced and beneficial state on their end in the long run.



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