Gen.G Announces Partnership With Rally To Launch A New Digital Currency, GG Strike Coin

Source: GG Strike

News of fresh and promising partnerships in esports scene are coming on a constant basis nowadays as top-tier organizations are looking for ways of growth and expansion over a vast array of possibilities in the business world.

Gen.G, a remarkable name among these organizations, announced the partnership between their Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team and the open blockchain network Rally which is known to help creating token communities for a new digital currency called GG Strike Coin. This new digital currency is said to contribute the Gen.G community in several ways which encourages active engagement. Examples are using the currency to have direct access to players, coaches and various staff members, getting certain exclusive merchandises and much more in the future plans. Extended list of details are yet to be revealed.

If you become a holder of this currency at launch phase, here are some benefits below.

  • Private Discord channel access for chatting with coaches, players and staff members
  • First access for new and exclusive merchandise, also getting discounts on current merchandise
  • Having a dedicated area for their voices to be heard on Discord in terms of suggestions, which will also be responded by the organization

This partnership with the cryptocurrency and blockchain companies is not the first one in esports scene though. In March, OG had also launched its own cryptocurrency for the fans, and Team Heretics also had a very successful launch in August that had its fan tokens fully sold out.