G2 Esports Wins Allied Esports Odyssey VALORANT Tournament

Source: Vlr.gg

With only 6 teams but still quite exciting nonetheless, Allied Esports Odyssey finally came to an end. With four proven-strong teams and two challengers, it has been a very high tempo event since the very first moment.

Team Liquid and FunPlus Phoenix displayed a very high level of competence during the group stage where both teams whopped a stunning RD of 30+, but it was only the first part of our surprises to see. Once the group stage was done and top 4 teams made it to the bracket, G2 Esports slowly started to turn the tide around after their silence during the group stage. FunPlus Phoenix was the first victim on the bracket that fell to G2 Esports, and they had to take out NiP who was knocked out early by Team Liquid as expected.

G2 Esports was too busy with overpowering Team Liquid in the semifinals in the meanwhile, and eventually FunPlus Phoenix had to also take out the group stage leader in order to move up for their only chance of revenge and big prize. After that shiny performance in group stage, Team Liquid surprisingly had to bargain for the 3rd place as G2 Esports turned the tide of entire tournament single-handedly and FunPlus Phoenix was still holding on strong. In the grand final, it was unfortunately too late for FunPlus Phoenix as G2 Esports had the momentum quite strong and simply blazed through the match towards the trophy.

It was hell of a comeback from G2 Esports to remember. Valorant scene is sure to grow much bigger in near future, and hopefully we will witness many great victories like this in following months.



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