FC Schalke 04 Is Rampaging In LEC Summer Split 2020

One of the most prominent and prestigious series in League of Legends scene, LEC is witnessing incredible clashes week after week. All teams are seeing ups and downs throughout the intense series of matches, and surprises are definitely dime a dozen since day one. As we are approaching the finish line of this 8-week marathon, FC Schalke 04 surprisingly caught a very impressive winning streak in second half of July. Seeing their first victory on Week 4 against Fnatic, FC Schalke 04 finished the first 5 weeks with only one victory at hand and by the start of Week 6, they were simply flatlining all the way.

They apparently had enough.

In the first match of Week 6, they absolutely decimated G2 with 32–9 score and surprised everyone after the weeks of silence. Despite the statistical equality of map awareness throughout the game and impressive performance of Caps with Orianna on G2’s side, S04 was nothing less than a death squad throughout the game. All five members have demonstrated a very dominant performance and took their second victory in the split.

Their next match was against Misfits, and this time they played a more controlled, cautious game. Again, the map awareness statistics were equal and no team was able to completely push their opponents off the map. This did not stop Gillius from bullying Misfits with a well-played Nocturne, as he left his mark all around the match. While the match was relatively having a slower tempo compared to the previous one, S04 also managed to maintain a constantly increasing difference of gold advantage too.

Blood had touched wolf’s teeth already, and S04 obviously had no intention to slow down after that impressive week. Even with a very cautious and downtempo strategy, Excel Esports could not also stop S04 from reaching to their fourth victory. This match was a real test of patience as the final score was 12–4 in favor of S04, and the largest multi kill was only 2 — in Ezreal’s hands played by Patrik. Small but decisive steps carried S04 to the victory in the end, granting them with the confidence they needed since the very beginning before their match with Origen.

Finally, S04 decided to show their true power before it is too late. Origen was already aware of what kind of a monster they were against, and they clearly made their mind to not let their opponent play comfortably around the map — they focused on placing as many wards as possible throughout the game and actually became successful. Still, Lee Sin from Gillius and Akali from Abbedagge were the absolute savages that carried their team through the fights and they even managed to cast a shadow over Neon’s ADC performance by leaving him without a single kill despite 17–5 score.

Finally managing to win the last game of Week 7 and making it to a four consecutive wins, S04 made it quite clear that they will be a real threat in their last three matches during Week 8 against Vitality, Fnatic and MAD Lions. If they continue this fearsome performance and manage to get three more victories, they still have a serious chance to advance to Summer Playoffs.

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