Escape From Tarkov Takes Its First Steps To Esports Scene With Its First Community Tournament Completed

Can “otoyoldireği” Özel
2 min readSep 7, 2020

Escape From Tarkov continues to ramp up its pace through the gaming scene, as the game gained an immense popularity in the last 12 months period after a number of top-notch streamers started playing it. Despite that sudden hype declined partially, fans of the game are quite loyal and they have a dream.

They want Escape From Tarkov in esports scene.

Due to its hardcore and nature, the game attracts a certain type of players to compete in one of the harshest environments seen in any multiplayer FPS game. This also pushes players to enjoy some daredevil action as some of the famous streamers like DeadlySlob, Pestily and LVNDMARK are already doing some “hardcore mode challenges” since a few wipes back. Battlestate Games is also not slowing down its progress to develop the game further on all aspects as the latest patch brought us a serious amount of content like a totally reworked and expanded Customs maps, new Scav boss Sanitar, one new shotgun and finally our very first grenade launcher. With this progress at hand, Escape From Tarkov is surely not appearing to fail anytime soon.

One of the most successful streamers of all times now especially known for his tremendous contributions to Starlight charity, Pestily has organized a community tournament called Tarkov Punisher Tournament on 6th of September. The competition was simple: Kill as many PMCs (players) as possible in 3 hours, in the Factory map. Only daytime map is allowed, and Fence was not allowed.

After a blood and adrenaline fueled carnage that changed the textures and color palette of entire Factory map, another fan favorite streamer known for his stunning gun collection and incredible gameplay abilities, LVNDMARK won the tournament with 59 kills. He was followed by Axel_tv who had 58 kills and Glorious_E who had 57 kills.

Lately we are seeing more communities pushing the boundaries to turn their favorite games into esports scenes. Path of Exile was a great example of this phenomenon thanks to its racing leagues, and now Escape From Tarkov community is flanking the developers to make it happen. We hope that these efforts will not be in vain, and we can see great surprises in the future for esports.



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