CSGO Legend “Nitr0” Announces His Switch To VALORANT

Source: (ESL / Helena Kristiansson)

Ever since VALORANT was announced, let alone released, the rumors and expectations about the serious numbers of switches from CSGO scene professionals were increasing in almost an alarming rate. Even during the period between the first announcement under the name of Project A and the actual beta release in April 2020, there were numerous professionals straight away announced their imminent switch from CSGO to VALORANT.

Some of them did it for a fresh attempt to dominate a new and promising scene, some of them did it as they were tired of CSGO routine since long years, and there are surely many other individual reasons behind such decisions but there is a fact: VALORANT is stealing players on a constant basis.

Last legend to announce such a switch has been Nitr0, the famous Team Liquid player who is known for his very successful career and his unforgettable contributions to Team Liquid. While himself and his long-time teammate EliGE continued to play out of their minds for a remarkable amount of time, Team Liquid was slowly losing its power. Despite several world-class successes around the scene, they were feeling the burnout.

Nitr0 also expressed such concerns recently as Jacob Wolf from ESPN narrated the period in a lot more detailed manner, and finally took the step to proceed with his career alongside many well-known professionals in VALORANT scene. He is already a legend to say the least, and it will be no surprise to see him popping many more heads on-screen and grabbing many more cups in this fresh scene.

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