cNed Says “It was only about the contract terms with BBL”

Can “otoyoldireği” Özel
3 min readNov 11, 2020
Source: Riot Games

With VALORANT rising up in an incredible pace among all FPS titles in the esports scene, all regions are bringing up great talents to challenge each other. Turkey has been a “valley of hidden talents” for long years already, as every now and then a dazzling player comes up to remind everyone that talent is not that scarce in this country but there are other issues to be resolved so many more following stars could rise.

Latest talent to shine in Turkey’s VALORANT scene, Mehmet Yağız “cNed” İpek has given a quite comprehensive interview to THESPIKE.GG regarding what happened during his time between his previous team BBL and his next step nolpenki roster.

cNed is especially known for his mindblowing Jett plays, as his style is totally aggressive. Jett is a staple choice for many players who focus on taking down enemies. Before making his way to VALORANT, he initially took his first steps to esports scene with CS:GO as many young players did. Unfortunately as the level of investment does not promise much, cNed decided to switch to VALORANT for a fresh and promising scene in terms of a bright career. This decision was not really a surprise considering the number of players who follow the same path ever since VALORANT was announced.

He rose to fame with his crazy ace round during Twitch Rivals: VALORANT Launch Showdown EU #2 event. That moment even changed the flow of entire match and he simply brought his team back from the grave.

What a performance indeed.

He also describes this round as “unforgettable”, and even goes as far to say that “I actually feel bad about admitting it, but I sometimes play out of the plan”. Tough times require tough measures though, and it is understandable even if not perfect. We all have our moments when an entire round is up to our personal efforts while all else seems bleak. In such moments, players sometimes resort to craziest of strategies to pull it off.

Lately he moved to nolpenki, the team on 13th rank in THESPIKE.GG European Rankings on 2nd of November, 2020. As much as he was criticised by Turkish community for leaving BBL, he stated that this departure was not an easy decision at all. Main reason for him to leave BBL was negotiations between himself and the organization not resulting in mutually acceptable conditions.

cNed also clarified during this interview that he did not have an intention to leave BBL for nolpenki. Negotiations came first, and then he began to review offers from other teams. Nolpenki just became the most appealing one for his career plans, happened to be there in the right moment.

Last but not least, he also mentioned that he could play other agents too. He is obviously a talent on Jett, and this usually results in an overwhelming request from his teammates to keep him playing Jett for maximum competitive efficiency. While being an understandable request, agent bans will see such players immediately getting shut down during drafting phase. cNed is totally aware of this situation and therefore he also wants to enlarge his competitive agent pool to provide a flexible contribution.

cNed ended the interview by saying that Turkey truly has a lot of talents waiting to be discovered under right conditions. He may be the first one to shine this bright, but he believes that Turkey is a promising region to have serious impact on VALORANT scene.



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