Call Of Duty: Warzone Season 6 Brings An Underground Subway

Source: Infinity Ward

Call of Duty: Warzone has been a quite successful game despite the initial doubts during the exciting Battle Royale hype. Since its release, game built up a solid fan base and eventually numerous tournaments followed this momentum.

With this interest from players, Infinity Ward went on to bring us “seasons” and remarkable content updates for the game. Latest announcement with this progress is the Season 6, which apparently brings us an underground subway line in Verdansk after Season 5’s train. This underground subway system is shown as a part of North Line. While the line does not cover a large area for now, it is a strong sign that this may give ways to a larger pack of additions in the upcoming seasons.

The rumors for this underground subway system started with some leaks back in August, and the train in Season 5 gave people a bigger hope for such an addition. Finally we are seeing new spots, points of interest, potential strategies and tactics on the map with a whole new way of transportation and positioning in large scale.

The details regarding the trains, such as the frequency, simultaneous numbers of trains to roam the map, period of journey, waiting times, size etc. are not revealed yet. Hopefully these details will also be revealed before Season 6 starts. Here are the stations visible on the map above.

  • A — Verdansk International Airport



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