Apex Legends Is About To Launch On Steam

Source: Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends had a pretty impactful launch during its initial release via Origin. Despite that shiny hype of the launch period was not really reached again, Respawn Entertainment did not just give up on this bright Battle Royale contender and kept providing more content and improvements on the game ever since.

Now we are about to see this fast-paced Battle Royale game launching on Steam in less than two weeks.

The specified date of launch is November 4th, which will also be the launch date of Season Seven for Apex Legends. While Steam users are happy with the news, Switch users will have to wait until 2021 unfortunately.

One of the best news is, obviously, that account progression and unlocks will be carrying over between these two platforms. This is always a crucial issue in such cases as no one would like to see tons of hours’ work going to trash all of a sudden.

Another good news regarding quality of life aspect of the game is that Steam version of Apex Legends will be running without resorting to Origin’s client. This means that you will only install Apex Legends via steam and voila, you are ready to go and blow some heads up.

Last but not least, Steam players will be receiving three limited-time gun charms to celebrate the recent partnership of Valve and EA. The items will be featuring Portal and Half-Life themes alongside the Apex Legends elements. Mentioned items are Octane with a headcrab, Wattson holding a Companion Cube, and a potato GLaDOS.

Now it only comes down to being patient and waiting until November 4th to see how much of a successful launch we will witness. With many huge events going on in the last three months of the year, Apex Legends apparently needs another huge surprise just like it had in the initial release to grab a good slice from the hype cake.

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