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With recent moves from Astralis and Fnatic earlier this year to bring up exclusive brand watches, respectively teaming up with Garmin and Gucci, FaZe Clan is now following the same path and joining powers with long-time contenders of the watch industry, Casio.

This new line of custom watches will be also under Casio’s G-SHOCK series, thus known to be water-resistant and shock-resistant. The specific version of FaZe Clan watches will be dubbed DW6900FAZE20–4CR.

Most obvious design feature on this product is the red camo print which was used by FaZe Clan players on their in-game guns back in early days…

Source: BLAST

Bringing the concept of “quickfire tournaments” alongside a blasting thrill, BLAST is ending the year with the great series BLAST Premier Fall 2020 Showdown. With its $150,000 prize pool and Bo3 format, teams are fighting for the crown like there is no tomorrow.

While series is coming to an end soon, we have already seen many titans and underdogs knocked out alike. In the very first round, names like NiP, FaZe, GODSENT were out of the competition pretty fast. Promising late era teams like Endpoint, MAD Lions, Spirit and Sprout also lost their grip before they could have a chance…

Source: PUBG

After a very exciting series of three weeks, we are finally taking a deep breath with PUBG Continental Series 3 in Europe and North America being over. Especially European competition was intensely exciting to the very last match, with standings changing after each and every kill during the game.

Crowned as European champions, Northern Lights has shown everyone a great strategic mastery over the course of entire tournament. More often than not, they managed to acquire and maintain superior positioning compared to their rivals which resulted in 99 placement points in 24 matches. This great positioning advantage inevitably helped them…

Source: Blizzard Entertainment

Heroes of the Storm came out with a lot of hype back in the day, and promised a different taste in MOBA genre to freshen up the competition after League of Legends, DotA 1&2, Heroes of Newerth slowly locked down the style into certain mechanics. Especially eliminating the long and exhausting farming phase alongside the excessive itemization differences in order to offer a quick action-heavy game, HotS became a remarkable niche in the scene.

While the game was pretty successful on its own, it unfortunately did not receive much support from players and developers alike despite being a Blizzard game…

Source: PUBG Corp.

We are closing in to the end of year with many intense competitive events all around the esports scene, and PUBG Continental Series is at its best with the exciting Battle Royale dose we all crave.

In PCS #3, we are watching best 16 teams of European and North American stage each. This means that every match is a whole new story with untold possibilities to affect the results of this huge competition for $200,000 prize pool. While NA region is clearly dominated by last champion Soniqs loud and clear, Europe is witnessing a crazy competition every single match.


Source: PUBG Corp.

PUBG is truly a rock-solid game on Battle Royale genre, this does not change just because it is a bit far from its days of glory nowadays. With constant development ongoing, every patch is a new thrill for its fans.

PCS #3 Grand Final matches and the new upcoming mode Hardcore BR are already quite exciting, and now we are even getting a lot more with next patch, 9.2, on test servers.

Here is a summary of major additions below.

First of all, we are getting a whole new vehicle, Dirt Bike, that comes along with a bunch of related…

Source: PUBG Corp.

PUBG may seem a bit far from its glorious days, but it does not mean that players gave up their pursuit of fame and glory on the good old battlefields of Erangel and Miramar. PUBG Continental Series #3 took over where PCS #2 left, and both Europe and North America events are continuing with the pace we love.

With the group stages left behind, teams are now making their final run towards the $200,000 prize pool in Europe and North America. First two days of both regions brought some surprising standings as usual. European rankings are now led by Tornado…

Source: ESIC

CS:GO scene has been going through hard times in the second half of 2020 due to coaching bug exploit investigation by ESIC (Esports Integrity Commission). The chain of events started with a very quick initial investigation and a ban wave issued by ESIC against 37 coaches who are found to be abusing the aforementioned bug. After this impactful decision, ESIC both faced many backlashes and received a huge support at the same time.

Treading carefully for the sake of the unharmed integrity of CS:GO scene in mind, ESIC also started to evaluate the objections from some of the coaches who…


The pandemic of COVID-19 keeps pinning down organizers to online events across the world. 2020 has truly been a nightmare for everyone and esports scene also suffers in certain aspects despite its growth due to people staying at home more than ever. Offline tournaments is one of the such crucial areas that suffer.

With months going on with online tournaments everywhere, people were looking for ways to start holding offline tournaments again. Even with the strongest organizations of esports scene though, this is not really being a thing for now. …

Source: Riot Games

With VALORANT rising up in an incredible pace among all FPS titles in the esports scene, all regions are bringing up great talents to challenge each other. Turkey has been a “valley of hidden talents” for long years already, as every now and then a dazzling player comes up to remind everyone that talent is not that scarce in this country but there are other issues to be resolved so many more following stars could rise.

Latest talent to shine in Turkey’s VALORANT scene, Mehmet Yağız “cNed” İpek has given a quite comprehensive interview to THESPIKE.GG

Can “otoyoldireği” Özel

’89 model born-gamer, has a soft spot for good old fast-paced arcade taste. If has to make a choice between sword and fireball, draws out a rocket launcher.

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